Analytics And Reporting Page: Google Analytics, Google Console

You can automate complex reporting tasks and integrate Google Analytics data with your website. The Acquisition Google console reporting section connects directly to Google Webmaster Tools while matching Google organic search data from GWT to Google Analytic KPIs. This reporting page only includes data from Google and not any other search engines.

Data API V1

Offers programmatic ways of accessing report data in Google Analytics 4 properties.

Reporting API V4

Allows for programmatical report data access in Google Analytics and creates pivot tables, lifetime value, cohort, and advanced segmentation reports with high flexibility access to your data.
Analytics And Reporting Page

Realtime API V3

Monitor user real-time activity occurring on the property at the moment. Realtime reports are quickly updated within seconds to allow for the creation of live dashboards to assist in monitoring how users are interacting with your site at any given moment.

Multi-channel Funnels API V3

Acquire conversion path data showing how users interact with different traffic sources across multiple sessions before converting. Analyze how different marketing platforms influence leads conversions.

Sample Google Console Reports

Social Media Marketing

Landing Page Report

It only indicates your top landing pages, information visibility on their Google organic search, and various KPIs, including sessions and conversions. The landing page report can view specific search queries users key in to find the page.

Device's Report

This report examines Google organic search activities from the device end to show the performance of your website about the device being used for searching. Form device reports, you can view the landing page and search queries.

Countries Report

It concentrates on the countries where the users are Google searching and integrates that data with the website KPIs. From this report, you can view the landing page OR search queries that the users view.

Countries report is much helpful for business targeting multiple languages and countries.

Queries Report

This report indicates the top search queries your website has access to in Google organic search.

APIs for Reporting and Helper Libraries

Metadata API

Acquires the complete list of metrics and dimensions and their available attributes for the Reporting API.

Embed API

It’s a JavaScript library that enables you to effortless embed and builds a dashboard on a third-party site in a few minutes. It offers a set of pluggable components capable of working together to create complex tools rendering it powerful and relatively simple.

Legacy APIs

Core Reporting API V3

Checks metrics and queries for dimensions to generate customized reports.

Core Reporting API V2

Checks metrics and queries for dimensions to generate customized reports.